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The Hardest Part

Wait patiently for the Lord. Be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently for the Lord. Psalms 27:14 (NLT)

For a news junkie like me, this week has left me exhausted. I like order and control and from what I have observed, the politics in Washington, D.C. have neither. The fact is that none of us knows what any given day will bring. We have our plans but a phone call, a diagnosis, a fall, a letter, an accident can turn our world upside down.

Trying to sell our house and move closer to town presents a perfect test for waiting with no control of the outcome. In my morning quiet time, I journal my prayers and have started thanking God for the sale of the house.

I’m reminded of the story of Daniel who prayed, pleading for his people and their deliverance. But God, seemingly failed to hear or answer. Twenty-one days later, an angel appeared to Daniel and basically told him he had been busy but he had heard him. He had been in battle in another part of the world but was now ready to give an answer to his prayer.

God knows our heart’s desires and He knows the timing of this sale. Rather than have the stress of a “must sell date,” we are not even looking at future homes. I know that God is in this move and He will take care of us. He’s got the perfect place picked out. But it may take “twenty-one days” to get it ready.

I read that “Waiting is the hardest work of hope.” Calling us to be brave and courageous, in our verse, makes sense because waiting may result in fear, anxiety, boredom, disappointment, frustration, or even anger. Hope has been my watchword since 2013 — a year that seemed hopeless in so many ways. But God. Because I know that God loves me, has a plan for my life that is good and a purpose even better than I could imagine, I hope…and I wait.

I don’t know what the next step entails — where it will lead or when it will happen — but I do know Who lights my way…one step at a time.






Two More Days

So although Jesus loved Martha, Mary, and Lazarus, he stayed where he was for the next two days. Finally, he said to his disciples, “Let’s go back to Judea.” John 11:5-7 (NLT)


I find books on my bookshelf and can’t remember how or why I purchased them. I’ve decided to add them to my morning devotional time as part of the various things I read. My latest one is Two Days Longer by Beth Lueders.

I had not given much thought to the fact that Jesus waited two days before he returned to the friends He loved in their hour of need. It appeared as if He didn’t care and arrived much too late to be of any help. The sisters were beside themselves because they knew He could have made all the difference. But now, Lazarus had been in the tomb for four days and the odor of death was evident.

I’m sure their grief, and His own, overwhelmed Jesus and the Bible records the only reference to Jesus’ weeping. He DID feel their pain. But He also heard the whispers of the onlookers complaining that He could have done something, if He had only shown up sooner.

How many times have I pleaded or cried or begged God to do something for me? Silence. At least that’s what it seemed to me. I felt like my prayer hit the ceiling and stopped. Those waiting rooms of life are the hardest of all to endure.

Yet, Mary and Martha learned that Jesus had a far greater purpose and mission for their story. He was on a timetable that transcended any single person or incident. When He showed His power and raised Lazarus from the dead, the stopwatch to the crucifixion and resurrection began to count down in earnest. It was part of the plan.

One thing I have learned about those times of waiting is that sometimes God allows me to see the “why” but, more often, He calls me to walk in faith and trust Him for the answer. He has my back. I don’t need to know what is going on in the heavenlies, only believe that His timing is right on time.

Ann Voskamp says it another way, ““It is in the dark that God is passing by. The bridge and our lives shake not because God has abandoned, but the exact opposite: God is passing by. God is in the tremors. Dark is the holiest ground, the glory passing by. In the blackest, God is closest, at work, forging His perfect and right will. Though it is black and we can’t see and our world seems to be free-falling and we feel utterly alone, Christ is most present to us …”

Two more days.


In Due Time

Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. 1 Peter 5:6-7 (NIV)

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I’m the go-to person if you want to get something done. My original ID for the Internet was infomom, deemed appropriate by my son as he was setting it all up. I enjoy figuring out problems and can spend hours on the Internet in the process. Yes, I have a GPS in my car but I like googling maps and checking out all the options for time and distance. It also helps put an unfamiliar route in my mind so I don’t get lost. I probably would have been a good Boy Scout since I subscribe to their motto, “Be Prepared.”

This has been a year and season where God has said over and over again that I’m on a need-to-know basis and I don’t need to know. As I thumb through my journal, I read the pleadings, weeping, and at times despair of my heart. The things I had carefully planned were edged aside by the immediate — depression, illness, and death.

Yet each morning, sometimes in the dark or with the sun just beginning to peek over the mountains, my heart-needs have been met in the presence of Jesus. I made a commitment at the beginning of the year to read Jesus Calling as part of my devotions each day. Over and over the scripture and comment have hammered to the very depths of my soul that I am to rest in His presence and not worry about tomorrow.

Some days the waters are so deep that I can only slog through and I’m so glad I can catch His steadying hand. Other days, I almost skip along with Parker as we walk the quiet streets. He is there. Yet, I know that whatever the day brings, in due time, He will show me everything I need to know.

Words for the day: rest, wait, watch. He is there.



It has been a very long week. I woke up this morning feeling like Gloomy Gussie (Mark’s affectionate name for me.) As overwhelmed as I feel, I have a new respect and admiration for military families that move often because it requires such strength, endurance, and stamina. Greeting a myriad of boxes at every turn, furniture in the wrong place or wrong room, endless missing parts to the whole, the doorbell ringing with workmen stopping by to fix something – I wonder if my one step at time will bring me to the end of this journey. Yet after five days of searching, Mark did find the missing comforter for our bed in the pile of boxes in the garage and I found the two errant lampshades in a box stacked in the closet. I knew that I needed some spiritual refreshment so I prayed for comfort and encouragement and was rewarded in Psalm 27:

Teach me how to live, O LORD.

Lead me along the path of honesty,

for my enemies are waiting for me to fall.

Yet I am confident that I will see the LORD’s goodness while I am here in the land of the living.

Wait patiently for the LORD.

Be brave and courageous.

Yes, wait patiently for the LORD.

As I read, I smiled to myself because there was His promise, again, to lead me on this path. And my part? It is to be brave and courageous and wait – patiently! It has taken most of the day for the gloominess to lift but tonight I feel encouraged that tomorrow I will be one step closer to order in all of this chaos. Hurray!